How to Clean Your TV Screen Properly

Televisions are one of the most used electronic equipment in homes in recent decades for entertainment. However, to do a home cleaning, you also need to know how to clean the TV screen to carefully maintain it periodically without causing damage or breakdown.

If you want to learn how to clean the screen of the plasma TV or another, in this article of Wize Life Cleaning we will teach you some methods, so that you can do it in an effective way.

Steps to clean the TV screen

Before applying any cleaning method for this object, it is advisable to read the equipment's user manual to verify the recommendations regarding how to clean the TV screen or the advice stipulated regarding its maintenance.

These user guides often recommend the best alternative that does not cause damage to the equipment, so take a look and check what the experts in the field advise you.

In this way, and when it comes to how to clean the TV screen, it is recommended to follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the TV : Regardless of the chosen method of how to clean the LED TV screen or other, it is recommended that, previously, it be turned off and disconnected, placing it against the light to better observe the spots and dust residues that are housed in this area of the team. Once you have disconnected it, try to leave it to rest for a while so that it cools down, since during use they usually heat up.
  2. Use a dry microfiber cloth: Also, regarding how to clean the TV screen, you should avoid using wet products on this surface, since contact with these components can cause some damage or failure to the electronic device. Thus, the way to clean the television screen to remove the accumulated dust is to use the feather duster first, because later we will use water or some product to clean the screen that should only be used wet if you want to remove the fingerprints digital surface.

To clean the television screen, you have to moisten a cloth, making sure that it is almost dry before starting the cleaning with gentle circular movements.

Then, when the debris and dust have been completely removed, you should wait at least about 15 minutes before reconnecting the equipment to the power, and once this is done, you will wait another two minutes to turn it on.

In addition, another way to clean it when it has traces is based on preparing a composition in which you put a little alcohol in water or, when these are more difficult to remove, you can opt for white vinegar.

To clean the TV screen, these mixes will be emptied into a spray bottle to facilitate the cleaning process, and then sprayed onto the cloth that will be gently rubbed across the screen.

Recommendations for cleaning the television screen

  • As for how to clean the TV screen, it should be noted that under no circumstances should industrially cleaning products such as waxes, alcohol, acetone, or car polishes be used.

This is because, in general, they can become corrosive and often cause damage, such as the screen becoming permanently discolored or suffering some kind of error.

  • Do not use paper to clean the TV or to dry or clean the screen, as this could scratch it or leave residue of particles.
  • No matter how you clean the TV screen you have chosen, it is always advisable to use a soft cloth to avoid scratches on its surface.
  • Do not pour any type of liquid to clean the screen directly on it, as this could enter the equipment or drain downwards in the event that it is not completely sealed.

The best way to clean the plasma screen and prevent any of these accidents from happening is to put these liquids with a spray on the cloth, avoiding pressing it too hard when you pass it over.

How to take care of the TV screen?

In addition to knowing how to clean the television screen, another very important aspect is the care that must be given to this electronic device to help it increase its useful life.

Therefore, it is not only necessary to take care of cleaning the TV periodically, but it is also important to be careful with this equipment. This will prevent the display from fading or damage due to the accumulation of too much dust or debris.

In this sense, some of the precautions that must be put into practice are the following:

 Do not touch the screen with your fingers

Static body current can cause faults or errors in the LEDs on the screen, so you should avoid, as far as possible, contact with your fingers throughout this area of ​​the TV.

Avoid hitting the screen

It is necessary to avoid that the screens suffer blows or are pressed, especially if it is done very abruptly or strongly, since the liquid inside could be displaced or, even, the internal panel could be damaged, rendering the device unusable.

Keep sharp objects away from the screen

Some objects, such as coins, keys or knives among others, can cause irreversible damage to the TV screen; so, in addition to worrying about how to clean the TV screen, you should try to keep this type of elements very far from the equipment.

Protect the screen when moving to another location

If the TV is to be moved to another location for any reason, the screen should be protected with bubble wrap or other packaging that provides security to the screen with respect to shock or other damage.


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