The microwave is one of the most useful household appliances, since it noticeably speeds up the time spent preparing and cooking meals. However, sometimes food can burn and leave a bad smell inside. Does it sound familiar to you? In this article on Wize Life Cleaning, we will teach you how to clean a burned microwave easily.

How to clean a burned microwave?

The process to clean a burned microwave can be really easy, as long as the respective daily cleaning is done to remove the residues that have remained after heating the food.

This will facilitate the elimination of food remains and bad odors that are produced when an element is burned inside; however, if these are allowed to adhere, the detoxification process will be more difficult.

Currently, there are options on how to clean the burned microwave in which you can use natural elements such as lemon or bicarbonate and vinegar; items that are generally very easy to find in your own home or at the nearest supermarket.

In addition to being ingredients that are not harmful to health, such as can occur with some specialized chemicals that emit strong odors and cause allergies on your skin, they will help you save money from your budget without compromising your integrity.

Therefore, among some of the options of how to clean the burned microwave in a quite simple way, we present this natural method with which you will not be able to spend another day.

Clean with dishwasher soap and water

If you are going to choose to clean the microwave using dishwasher soap and water, it is recommended that you disconnect the appliance before starting to proceed to avoid any electrical accident.

After properly disconnecting the appliance, you should soak a piece of kitchen paper in hot water containing between two and three drops of dishwasher soap, ensuring that the towel only acquires sufficient humidity without being excessively soaked.

Cleaning the burned microwave in this way is very simple: the internal walls of the appliance and its surface will be rubbed with the towel moistened with soap, and then the residue from the mixture will be removed with a dry towel.

Also, to increase the cleaning effect, you can use a cloth dampened with a bit of acetone and clean the internal walls of the appliance as we indicated it was done with the soap and water solution mentioned above.

Therefore, it is important to note that, once acetone has been used, all residues of this component should be removed with a towel moistened with dishwasher soap, and, if necessary, repeat the process again to leave the microwave. completely clean.

How to remove the burning smell from the microwave?

Sometimes, after cleaning the burned microwave, the smoke odor that occurs after some accidents that occur during the food cooking process is not completely eliminated.

Either because you have been cooking some food for longer than necessary, because the paper of your popcorn has burned, or because of some food that has been prepared to be prepared only in the microwave, the smell that is given off in these circumstances can be very uncomfortable and intense.

Thus, among some of the natural suggestions on how to remove the burning smell from the microwave, we highlight the following:

  1. Employ white wine vinegar: The white wine vinegar is one of the best options for removing strong odor that occurs when a food is burned in the microwave.   To use it effectively after cleaning the burned microwave, you should have a bowl on hand; Fill it in half with white vinegar and place it inside the microwave, letting it heat for about five minutes.                                                            This ingredient, which is usually very acidic, will absorb the remains of odors that are inside the appliance, being very useful to re-have an oven that is ready to heat, defrost and prepare your favorite foods.
  1. Lemon: The lemon usually gives off acidic juices that have disinfecting properties, and are very effective in removing odors from inside the appliance when any element is burned; using it after cleaning the burned microwave will help you easily remove the intense smell that it usually leaves. You just have to cut a lemon in half and place it in a container that is suitable for use in household appliances; then, cover with water half of the piece of lemon that has been placed in the container.                                                                                        Once you have prepared your container, heat it for five minutes, and see how any odor will be eliminated, helping to make it easier to clean the burned microwave without leaving unpleasant odors that could contaminate your meals.
  1. Baking soda: Like the ingredients mentioned in the two previous alternatives, after cleaning the burned microwave you can use baking soda ; This is one of the elements that is most used to eradicate the residues that may have remained in the appliance, and which may be the cause of bad odors. For this, at least two tablespoons of this ingredient will be mixed in a cup, combining the elements; then, with a brush, we will spread this solution throughout the interior of the microwave.

Do you need a cleaning service?

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