Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

All you must do is click Here, enter your relevant details and we will confirm the appointment and arrival time. Also, you can live chat with us.
Yes, we do require payment as. We do not charge your card until after your professional clean has been completed.
Our cleaning teams have training on how to treat dogs, cats and other pets. We're a pet friendly cleaning service.
A deep clean is for first-time customers or customers who haven't had their home professionally cleaned in the last three months.
We don't offer wet wiping of light bulbs, resurfacing/waxing/refinishing of floors, putting away dishes, large furniture moving, mold removal, extensive ceiling cleaning and large-scale trash disposal.
No, it’s your choice to stay around or go out and take advantage of your free time. Just leave us a key and we'll get your house cleaned!
It all depends on the condition of your home! But as a baseline take the number of bedrooms you have and turn that into hours. Ex. 1 Bedrooms = 1 hours.
A team of 2 people is our standard, sometimes an extra team member can come when needed. However, we do send a team of 1 person when the job is small (Studio/1BR/Touch-up jobs).
Our Guarantee represents our commitment to you. Should you have a concern about our cleaning service you have received, we will work with you to make it right. Here's the procedure: Call us within 24 hours of your cleaning and provide us with details of your concerns and/or issues. 48 hours grace period is given for Move-in/Move-Out cleans. We will reschedule the clean at no cost to you on the following business days. Our team will return to your home and address the areas of concern.
We want to make sure that everybody's appointments are serviced by the best cleaning professionals possible. It takes us time to find the right home cleaning professional for you. This is why we ask for 48 hours notice for all cancellations. Cancellations made the day of your appointment will incur a $30 charge. *Same day cancellation fee Cancel or reschedule 24 hrs. or 2 hrs. before booking -$30 fee. *Short notice cancellation fee Cancel less than 2 hrs. before booking -Unable to refund. *Missed appointment fee A pro arrives for a scheduled booking, but they're unable to gain entry or get started -Unable to refund. *Cleaning Plan Cancellation Policy If your plan carries a minimum term of 3, 6, or 12 months, skipped bookings during the term will be billed and added to your saved cleaning credits. Additionally, cancelling your cleaning plan before the end of the term will result in a cancellation fee of $95.
Our cleaning teams have been trained in how to treat dogs, cats and other pets. We're a pet friendly cleaning service. And yes, we do use non-toxic organic cleaning products with the safety of you and your pets in mind should you require them.
Cleaners working with Wize Life have stayed for over 2 years and have completed the cleaning of over 1500 homes.
We are unable to clean elevated exterior windows or exterior balcony glass. We can clean levelled exterior windows for an extra price.
When you book a regular service, we send the same team every time. That team is responsible for handling and storing keys in a safe and secure location. We are responsible for lost keys and replacement of locks should it be necessary.
Our professionals’ cleaners are extremely competent at using carpet cleaning equipment/machines and we can provide a professional carpet cleaning service for an extra price per room.
If damage occurs during a clean, please notify us right away via phone and email, if possible, with a photo of the damage, when it occurred and a short incident report, this will assist in processing insurance claims and having your damaged item replaced and or repaired in as timely a manner as possible.
If your agent isn’t too far away from your home, we are able to pick up and drop off the keys if that makes your move any easier for you. Just let us know in the booking notes or send us an email.
Office cleaning are something we offer to small offices and businesses. They can be booked over the phone or via email.
We can, we generally bill office cleaning at a similar rate to our domestic services, but we can offer a heavily discounted rate should you require.
Our office staff will go through the types of office services we provide over the phone, once confirmed, we’ll assign a team of reliable, highly experienced office cleaning tasks to provide the service. We generally always recommend booking at an hourly rate to make sure your office gets the most out of our service.
We don’t do any biohazard cleaning, our teams cannot clean excessive mold and we don’t do any cleaning of ceilings or vents, ducts or air conditioners.
When you make a booking, you’ll provide us with a valid card, which we’ll then place on hold the day before the cleaning is completed. We don’t charge until after the booking is completed and for new customers, we will give you a call the day after the work is completed to make sure you’re happy with the service. If you’d like to pay by other means, please give us a call or send us an email at: